How It Works

The Clickstreamr plugin allows you to collect clickstream data using your existing Google Analytics implementation (Standard or Google Analytics 360) and sends that data to a separate server which you own. Because Google Analytics is asynchronously loaded, there are no performance impacts on the extra tracking pixel that gets sent to the separate server — and absolutely no effect on the quality of your Google Analytics data.

  • 1
    Website Installation

    Install Clickstreamr Google Analytics plugin on your website.

  • 2
    Server Installation

    Install the Clickstreamr binaries on your Linux server.

  • 3
    Data Storage

    Clickstreamr data is captured as users interact on your website and is stored either to an Amazon Redshift Database or local .CSV file.

  • 4
    Data Warehouse Report & Visualization Tools

    Use Clickstreamr data on its own or combine with your transactional, CRM or Cost Data to gain endless insights.

Technical Requirements

Clickstreamr Google Analytics plugin (JavaScript) installation. This can be implemented on your website via any tag management tool (or directly in code if you are not using a tag management tool).

Linux server provisioned and installation of Clickstreamr software to accept hits.*

Domain and SSL Certificate for server to support https data transfer.

*Storage dependent on amount of traffic being tracked

Watch our video to learn how to download and install Clickstreamr

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