Easy to Use

Clickstreamr utilizes a proprietary Google Analytics plugin that automatically leverages the existing configuration of your Google Analytics tracking. From there you can simply customize and collect additional values as desired.

Clickstreamr captures the IP address on each hit by default, which is unavailable directly from Google.

Your website can be configured to include a unique user identifier to allow you to link web behavior with your transactional data.


  • Real-Time Logging

    Gain immediate access to your clickstream data with real-time logging and availability of your sessionized analytics data.

  • No Performance Impact

    Collect your clickstream data without any performance impact to your website.

  • Custom Data Tracking

    Collect an unlimited number of custom dimensions/metrics that may not be captured in Google Analytics, such as proprietary customer ID and first-party cookie values.

  • Tracking Across Multiple Domains

    Consolidate Google Analytics tracking data, even for a single session, across multiple domains.

  • Use Your Own Hardware

    Collect and store the data that you want based on your company’s Privacy Policy without being restricted by Google’s personally identifiable information (PII) data policy.

  • Easy Access To Your Data

    Store your collected data via Amazon Redshift or .CSV files. Download the clickstream data example above.

  • Log Configuration

    Control how often data is processed and made available for analysis, with easy configuration to provide real-time data.

  • Compatibility

    Enjoy compatability with all standard tag management platforms.

  • Visibility

    Gain access and visibility to underlying technical session data.

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