Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions for installing and using Clickstreamr.

  • What is clickstream data?

    Clickstream data is the collection of the specific order of page views and actions (events) users perform on your website.

  • Can I incorporate historical data? If so, is there a limit to how far back I can go?

    Google Analytics Standard does not provide access to clickstream data, so you will only have access to clickstream data on a go forward basis after you’ve installed Clickstreamr. If you use Google Analytics 360 or another digital analytics tool that provides clickstream data, you can integrate the data sets. The exact method will depend on the specifics of your situation.

  • Do I need to have goals configured in Google Analytics?

    Clickstreamr does not rely on or utilize Google Analytics goals. Although the clickstream data collected by Clickstreamr is similar to (but much more detailed) than what is collected by Google Analytics, the data lives separately, outside the Google Analytics interface. You can replicate Google Analytics goals by creating simliar critiera in your reporting and visualization tools leveraging the Clickstreamr data.

  • Is there a limit to the number of rows?

    No. Clickstreamr allows you to collect as much data as you need. However, you will be responsible for any costs associated with the storage of the data on your server/cloud database and the service costs of Clickstreamr.

  • What infrastructure is required to run Clickstreamr? What type of databases and technologies are supported?

    To use Clickstreamr, you need a website configured to use Google Analytics (either Standard or 360) and a Linux or Windows server that you own (either hosted internally or via cloud service, such as Amazon AWS). Currently, Clickstreamr supports saving collected clickstream data to either .CSV files you can import into your data warehouse, or sending the data directly to an Amazon Redshift server.

  • How easy is Clickstreamr to set up? Does this require a deep understanding of Google Analytics configuration?

    Setting up Clickstreamr is very simple. Click to see how it works.

  • Does Clickstreamr provide a reporting interface?

    No. Clickstreamr does not include a reporting interface. It stores the collected data in either .CSV format or to an Amazon Redshift database that can then be utilized for clickstream data analysis by reporting and visualization tools of your choice.

  • I use Customer Reports in Google Analytics. How can I get that data in Clickstreamr?

    The clickstream data collected by Clickstreamr is separate from your Google Analytics data (and far more granular). You won’t be able to leverage existing custom reports in Google Analytics. However, there are a wide range of reporting and visualization tools you can use to report on the data, as well as combining the data with your company’s other data sources, such as CRM or other transactional data.

  • How easily can I integrate other data sources into Clickstreamr?

    This will depend on your company’s existing setup. If you already have a data warehouse, Clickstreamr data becomes one more data source. If not, you may leverage the same Amazon Redshift database used to collect clickstream data to import your other sources of data to. You may also want to update your website to customize what variables are collected by Clickstreamr, such as setting a customer ID that you can then relate back to with your CRM or other transactional data.

  • Do I need a data warehouse to house Clickstreamr data?

    Having a data warehouse is not required. Clickstreamr data stored in .CSV files or Amazon Redshift can be used directly with many reporting and visualization tools, such as Tableau. However, depending on the type of analysis you want to do, or if you want to combine your clickstream data with your other data sources, some type of data warehousing solution might be required.

  • Can I apply my Google Analytics segments and filters?

    No. Google Analytics segments and filters are not available in the Clickstreamr data.

  • How do I access Clickstreamr data?

    You can access your Clickstreamr clickstream data with any reporting and/or visualization tool that let’s you leverage .CSV files or Amazon Redshift database as a data source. In addition, you can run queries directly against Amazon Redshift with a compatible SQL client.

  • Is the data sampled?

    Clickstreamr data is not sampled. 100% of your clickstream data is collected.

  • How does Clickstreamr compare with Adobe, Google Analytics Premium, MixPanel, BigQuery in terms of pricing and feature sets?

    The total cost of Clickstreamr will depend on your use, but in general it is far less expensive than other common analytics packages for collecting clickstream data. The monthly cost of the service will range between $400-$1,000/month, depending on the amount of traffic that you are collecting. You are also responsible for any costs associated with storing the collected clickstream data.

  • What other tools will I need to get the value out of my Clickstreamr data?

    This will depend on how and what you want to use the data for, but in general you’ll want to have a reporting/visualization tool such as Tableau, and a database and/or analyst familiar with clickstream data.

  • Will I or my employees need special training to understand the data generated from Clickstreamr?

    Anyone with a good understanding of Google Analytics and knowledge of working with large data sets will be able to get started with Clickstreamr, and conduct clickstream data analysis.

  • What are some questions that Clickstreamr answers beyond what's available through Google Analytics and other platforms?
    • How long do users take from first visit to purchase?
    • What is your user retention/churn?
    • What is the most common path to signup?
    • Which channel brings in the best customers?
    • What is the first/last channel touchpoint for users who purchase?
    • How many users have signed up more than 3 months ago but never purchased?
    • What % of users who signed up in the last Christmas season are still purchasing? Cohort by first purchase data.
    • Are users acquired via email marketing more valuable, compared to those acquired via AdWords?
    • Which users added products to the cart but didn’t finish converting?
    • Which products have lower conversion?
  • What data does Clickstreamr track?

    By default, Clickstreamr will provide clickstream data for all Google Analytics hit data and any custom dimensions and metrics you choose to configure. Since Google’s personally identifiable information (PII) data policy does not apply to your data, this can include any data that adheres to your company’s privacy policy.

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