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Own your Google Analytics Data

Own Your Google
Analytics Data

Simplify Data Integration

Simplify Data

More Actionable Clickstream Data

More Actionable
Clickstream Data

Do you want to?

  • Own your analytics data
  • Track individual visit behavior
  • More easily integrate analytics and CRM data
  • Identify companies visiting your site

If yes, you'll be happy to know there are:

  • No Additional JavaScript Files
  • No Performance Impacts
  • No Data Quality Issues

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What is clickstream data?

What is Clickstream data?

It's the specific order of pages an individual user views. Clickstream data helps you make more informed content optimization decisions by enabling you to re-enact and analyze customer visits.

Better yet, you can follow the same website visitor across their customer lifecycle.

Google Analytics Limitations

Google Analytics Limitations

At Blast Analytics & Marketing, we're passionate about analytics and our ability to provide our clients with the right data at the right time. Since we do a lot of work with Google Analytics, we are keenly aware of some of its limitations.

One of those limitations is that as a Google Analytics user you only have processed data available to you (via the interface or data API). This means that once data is collected and sent to Google, you can no longer access that raw clickstream data that was sent to Google.

How it works

How It Works

We configure your Google Analytics (Standard or Premium) implementation to send data to a separate server. There are no additional javascript files that need to load to accomplish this and since Google Analytics is asynchronously loaded, there are no performance impacts on the extra tracking pixel that gets sent to the separate server. There are absolutely no impacts in the data quality of your GA data.

The tool sends the same data that is sent to Google, to servers that we manage (or optionally on a server that you manage). That data is then parsed and made available in its unprocessed form as a .CSV file. You can then log into an FTP site to retrieve the CSV data on a regular schedule or on demand.

Attribution Enhancements

Attribution Enhancements

Whether you are a Google Analytics Premium or Standard client, there are limitations in your ability to perform attribution modeling that fully meets your needs. In either tool you are limited to a 90 day window. Some organizations have longer sales cycles and need a longer than 90 day attribution modeling window. Many organizations have access to powerful attribution modeling applications that require clickstream data. Clickstreamr provides the access to your analytics data so that you can look across multiple sessions, review sources and apply custom attribution models to longer time periods.

Data & Integration

This data can then be better integrated into your other internal data sources. Blast will maintain this product with future releases to ensure that new fields are captured as Google Analytics continues to evolve. You'll have hit level data that includes the following fields:

  • Date and Time of the Hit
  • Visitor IP Address
  • Hit ID
  • Visitor ID
  • Visit ID
  • First Visit ID
  • Previous Visit ID
  • Visit Count
  • Page View Count
  • Source
  • Medium
  • Campaign
  • Keywords
  • Ad Content
  • AdWords Click ID (gclid)
  • Request Type
  • Request Hostname
  • Request URI
  • Page Title
  • Referrer
  • Page Encoding
  • Screen Resolution
  • Browser Viewable Resolution
  • Color Depth
  • Browser Language
  • Java Enabled Status
  • Flash Version
  • Event Tracking Data
  • Custom Variable Data
  • Transaction & Item Data
  • Repeat Campaign Visit
  • Full User-Agent String
Clickstreamr Requirements


  • Modification to your Google Analytics page code (we do not modify the ga.js).
  • A sub-domain off of your websites domain must be created and then pointed to our server.
  • An SSL certificate (if needed) will be procured for that sub-domain.
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